upcoming ns-3 coding sprint

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upcoming ns-3 coding sprint

Tom Henderson-2
The IETF meets starting Nov. 16 in Singapore and I will be organizing an
ns-3 coding sprint focused around the IETF L4S architectural components
(new TCP models and dual queue coupled AQM), for the IETF hackathon
event.  We are part of a broader hackathon team including people working
on kernel code and testbed experiments for L4S.


We will do this online in the Zulip chat room, and can create more
interactive meetings (such as on Zoom) as needed.  If anyone would like
to join, please let us know or stop by our chat room starting at 08:30
Singapore time (UTC+8) on Saturday Nov 16.

Mohit and I have talked about possibly trying to get back to a monthly
topical coding sprint, such as rebasing and finishing off a GSOC project
for merge.  If anyone would like to organize such as sprint, please let
us know.  We will come up with some ideas along these lines as well.

- Tom