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summer student project final reviews

Tom Henderson-2
Hi all,
This note is to thank our two summer students for a job well done, to
thank our mentors for the time put into the projects, and to ask our
maintainers and anyone else interested to review and provide feedback on
the final project results.

Both students have announced their final work to the mailing list, but I
will also summarize here.   Shravya K.S developed ECN support for our
queue discs and for TCP.  The first project phase consisted of adding
the necessary support in the internet and traffic control modules to
maintain the independence of traffic control module from the internet
module, and implementing the option for the RED queue disc.  In the
second phase, she extended TCP to handle ECN-marked packets.  The lead
mentor on this project was Mohit Tahiliani.

Shravya's project wiki page is probably the most thoroughly detailed
student wiki page that we have observed; please visit it to find the
code review links here:

Our ESA Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) student, Michael Di Perna,
developed new models for free space optical (FSO) links from satellite
to ground, and focused on the physical layer models including
propagation models, antenna models, and error models.  The first phase
of the project developed three propagation models that may be chained
together to model path loss and atmospheric impairments to optical
signals, as well as the laser transmitter and optical receiver models.
In the second phase, Michael implemented an error model relevant to this
link, and completed the other device and helper framework necessary to
allow users to instantiate working NetDevice and channel objects.
Michael's lead mentor was Jani Puttonen, and Tommaso and I also
assisted.  Please visit the project page to find links to the final code
and documentation:

The best thanks that you can provide to these students is to spend a
moment to review the projects and leave some feedback, which will help
us also to make the code available in future releases.

- Tom