ns-3 selected for GCI 2019

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ns-3 selected for GCI 2019

Mohit P. Tahiliani
Hello everyone,

We are pleased to learn that ns-3 has been selected as a mentoring
organization for Google Code-In 2019.

Our wiki page for GCI 2019 is:

We prepared few tasks as a part of our GCI application. As a next step, the
mentors will start uploading these tasks to GCI dashboard, and prepare
additional tasks for the contest. It is preferred that we upload tasks
regularly in small increments. The list of tasks must not be visible in
public until the contest begins on December 2.

It would be nice if the maintainers could provide some tasks that can be
completed during the GCI contest (December 2, 2019 to January 23, 2020).
Please note that we can continue to add new tasks even after the contest
begins. Let me know if you have any questions about preparing the tasks.

I will be setting up a separate Google group shortly for discussing tasks
related to GCI. We would also use Zulip Chat room for discussions, when

Please contact me or Tom Henderson if you're interested to mentor tasks for
GCI 2019 with sample tasks that you prefer to mentor.

Thanks and Regards,
Mohit P. Tahiliani