ns-3.30.1 release candidate posted for testing

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ns-3.30.1 release candidate posted for testing

Tom Henderson-2
Shortly after ns-3.30 was released, we became aware of a Wi-Fi
performance regression that has now been fixed in the mainline.  Tommaso
was also testing ns-3-dev on the forthcoming macOS 10.15 release and
found and fixed some issues.

Since there have been no new features added since release, I have
branched from the tip of ns-3-dev to create an ns-3.30.1 release
candidate that I would like to publish as an update to ns-3.30.  It
contains these fixes as well as a couple of others that have been
committed since that time.

The release candidate is posted here:


The proposed release notes are posted here:


I would like to publish this on Wednesday if no further issues are
found, so please test the release candidate on your system if you have a
chance between now and then.

- Tom