call for ns-3 training proposals

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call for ns-3 training proposals

Tom Henderson-2
As part of its annual meeting, the ns-3 Consortium offers training
sessions prior to the Workshop on ns-3.  We have published videos of
past sessions; links are available at this page:

At the 2017 meeting in Porto, we will offer training sessions on Monday
June 12, prior to the ns-3 Workshop that will be held the following two

We usually organize sessions led by the various maintainers who attend
the annual meeting, but we are also open to sessions led by other
contributors  A nice example of this is Walid Younes's tutorial on
tracing in 2014:

I would like to ask whether anyone would like to lead a training session
at this year's event?  Please contact me directly if interested.  Please
have a look at the previous training sessions to get a sense for what is
involved.  We will offer free meeting registration to training session

Based on the inputs that I receive over the next two weeks, I plan to
post an agenda by mid-March.  I am working to provide more information
soon on meeting registration and local information.

- Tom