adding contributed modules to ns-3.27

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adding contributed modules to ns-3.27

Tom Henderson-2
I'd like to try to move forward with contributed modules for ns-3.27.
Lauri Sormunen and Ankit Deepak has been very helpful in contributing
wscript and bake support to enable the ideas outlined on the wiki page
(which I've recently updated):

A few of us have also been trying it out on some sample modules.  I
believe that we can start to provide support for downloading and
building contributed modules for the forthcoming release.

I'd like to move forward with it soon if we have consensus, starting
with Lauri and Ankit's patches here, so please review the wiki and these

I would next provide documentation (e.g. tutorial) and web page changes
to align with the patches and wiki, and work with module contributors to
get some tested modules into ns-3.27.

- Tom