Weekly Update of GSoC Project Tcp Prague

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Weekly Update of GSoC Project Tcp Prague

Shravya Ks
Hello Everyone,

This is the Week 2 update for TCP Prague Project.

Work done in the past week:
- Finished coding .cc and .h files for DCTCP
- Ran it with a modified version of red-tests
- Designed and implemented the test suite for DCTCP

I have noticed that there was a bug with respect to cwnd event patch and I
am discussing with Ankit, who designed it, to fix it. Bug was that the
function cwnd was always being called with CA_EVENT_NON_DELAYED_ACK  and
CA_EVENT_DELAYED_ACK was never called.

Work Planned for this week:
- Bug to be addressed
- Design a customised example for DCTCP
- Documentation of the code.