Week 7 Update: GSoC 2017 Project on ns-3 AppStore

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Week 7 Update: GSoC 2017 Project on ns-3 AppStore

Abhijith Anilkumar
Hello Everyone,

This is the Week 7 update of the AppStore project. Over the past week, I
tried to redesign the current material design to match the Cytoscape App
Store. But unfortunately, materialize does not support the design and hence
we have decided to use Cytoscape front-end design and merge it with our

Work done in the past week :
- Tried modifying the materialize design to match the Cytoscape store

Work planned for the next week :
- Integrate Cytoscape front end with our backend design
- Test with multiple apps
- Release the website for extensive testing

Design Decision : We have made a compromise on the current responsive
decision to use the Cytoscape AppStore which does not take responsiveness
into consideration. We have chose it since we feel that ns-3 AppStore is
mainly intended for desktop users. A mail has been sent out to Cytoscape
maintainers asking the kind of attribution they prefer when we use their
design. Meanwhile, our backend code will be integrated to their design and
the site will be made available to the developers.