Week 3 Update: GSoC 2017 Project on TCP Prague

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Week 3 Update: GSoC 2017 Project on TCP Prague

Shravya Ks
Hello everyone,

This is the Week 3 update for TCP Prague Project.

Work done in past week:
- Developed an example for DCTCP
- Fixed some bugs related to DCTCP implementation
- Cleaned the DCTCP code, test-suite and documented it
- Design the architecture for implementation of B-Cube topology

Work Planned for this week:
- Prepare a patch for DCTCP and send it for review
- Prepare for mid term review
- Start the implementation of B-Cube topology

Any suggestions / feedback would be much appreciated.


[1] Code repository: https://github.com/shravya-ks/ns-3-tcp-prague