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Thanks for your replying,

Ngoc An

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your Replying, I'm very Happy.

The things I Want your helping is guide me:
1. Exactly Version software to compiling OWns:  Which's Linux (& Which's version), Which's NS2 ???
    In OWns, Author tell that tested Redhat linux version 6x, 7x & NS2 is ns2.1b6. But I CAN'T run ns2.1b6 on RedHat Linux 7.0. It report that have error in TCL8.0.4.

2. I'm only install Ns2.28 on Redhat Linux 7.0 (Success Installed NS2.28 on Redhat Linux 7.0) but when recompiling (after adding some comands as in Readme) it can't recognizes " OWNS/ns2/classifier-addr-lightpath.o \" in Makefile file.

3. If could, pls help me step by step from begin to success and all your thesis to study.

4. Thanks again when hope that you will reply. Best Regards.