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Stats module enhancements for review

Jani Puttonen
Hi All,

We in Magister have implemented a set of ns-3 statistics module
enhancements, which we are widely using in the statistics collection of the
satellite module of SNS3 (

The statistics module enhancements can be summarized as follows:

   - Modified gnuplot-aggregator
   - Moved application-packet-probe to stats from applications module
   - A set of (example) helper classes for setting up the delay and
   throughput statistics
   - A stats-helper-example illustrating the usage of the additions
   - A test suite for distribution collectors
   - Sphinx documentation (.rst files) has been updated related to the
   - A set of new probes, collectors and aggragators listed below

New probes:

   - bytes-probe
   - application packet probe

New collectors

   - collector-map
   - distribution-collector
   - interval-rate-collector
   - scalar-collector
   - unit-conversion-collector

New aggregators:

   - multi-file-aggregator


   - traffic-time-tag
   - stats-callback-definitions

Note, that we are in the process of contributing the satellite module to
ns-3 as well,
thus a lot of usage examples (and related helper structures) shall follow

We'd like to submit the code for review to be included into ns-3 main
branch.  The code can be found from

  Jani Puttonen & Lauri Sormunen

Jani Puttonen
Principal Scientist
Magister Solutions Ltd.
+358 44 5640814
[hidden email]