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SOCiS 2017

Tommaso Pecorella
Hi all,

despite some little delays due to administrative issues (at ESA), SOCIS 2017 is finally about to start.

Our 2017 student is Pasquale Imputato, and I'll be his mentor (along with anyone that wants to contribute).
The project will last 7 weeks, with a formal end August 31 (or September 1st, dunno if they want to align with the month or with the week).

Pasquale will follow the "usual" GSoC best practices, with a wiki page, a GitHub repo and weekly status e-mails.
So... I'll leave the floor to Pasquale to present his project (let's just say that this year it's about Space, but it will have very positive side-effects on many other use-cases).




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