SOCIS 2017 week 3 report

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SOCIS 2017 week 3 report

Pasquale Imputato
Hi everyone,

this is the weekly update about the SOCIS project.

During the week 3, I have

- implemented the read method of the new device;
- tested the new device in a back-to-back through ethernet with the ping
- added traffic load to the ping example to support future test;
- provided an initial version of a wiki on how to install netmap and how to
use the netmap emulation features in ns-3.

During the week 4, I plan to implement the flow control mechanism, test the
flow control with the ping example in presence of traffic load in a
back-to-back through ethernet scenario, improve code and documentation.

With this update we reached the phase 1 milestone.
The code is available at

Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


Pasquale Imputato