SOCIS 2017 week 1 report

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SOCIS 2017 week 1 report

Pasquale Imputato
Hi everyone,

this is the weekly update about the SOCIS project.

During the week 1, I have

- inserted the check for the netmap installation in the fd-net-device
module wscript;
- implemented the requested changes in the FdNetDevice to support its
- introduced the new device as derived class of the FdNetDevice class;
- introduced an helper function in the EmuFdNetDeviceHelper to set the
netmap emulation mode;
- implemented an extension of the raw socket creator to open a netmap fd.

During the week 2, I plan to implement the function to switch the emulated
interface in netmap mode and the write function of the netmap device.


Pasquale Imputato