[Review Request] GSoC 2017 ns-3 LTE CA Handover Phase 2

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[Review Request] GSoC 2017 ns-3 LTE CA Handover Phase 2

Alexander Krotov-2
I have uploaded code for review to Rietveld:

In Phase 2 I made it possible to handover manually with and without CA
enabled, inter-eNB and intra-eNB, inter-frequency and intra-frequency. The
main test for it in lte-test-primary-cell-change. I also made eNB RRC
properly release SCells before handover and configure them again after
handover, both with Real and Ideal RRC protocol.

To make RRC protocol work during inter-frequency handover I made it
possible to identify eNB by any of its CellIds, that is what changes in EPC
files are. To detach all SCells during handover I modified SpectrumChannel
and LteUePhy. LteEnbRrc is modified to support intra-eNB handover and
create RRC reconfiguration messages to release and add SCells.