Release of Overlay ICN (O-ICN) Simulator !

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Release of Overlay ICN (O-ICN) Simulator !

samar shailendra
Dear All,

 We have released an Overlay ICN Simulator (OICNSIM) on NS3 wiki ( to simulate our
proposed architecture (OICN) for Information Centric Networking (ICN).

 The details related to O-ICN architecture can be found in out earlier
published literature.

Shailendra et al., “*A Novel Overlay Architecture for Information Centric
Networking*,” IEEE National Conference of Communication (NCC), March 2015.

OICNSIM can be used to test any ICN related algorithms in O-ICN
architecture and also compare it with other ICN architectures as well.

 We are looking for all valuable feedback and any observations from
simulation studies.


TCS Research & Innovation
Bangalore, India