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Interested to participate in GSoC 2017

Viyom Mittal
Dear members,

I am Viyom Mittal, Master's student at Dept. of CSE, NITK, Surathkal, and have
been working on ns-3 since past few months. I have submitted the patch
implementing PI queue disc in ns-3.

Currently, I am working on the implementation of TCP-Delayed Congestion
Response (DCR). For its better understanding, I have also gone through the
implementation of SACK.

I studied the RFC for PRR and found that it can also be implemented in the
same manner except the fact that it will be much more simple than SACK. The
implementation of PRR would only be at the sender's end.

In the process, as Natale suggested, we can also modularise the fast
recovery part before proceeding with PRR which would be helpful for
integration of other modules in future.

Following is my tentative plan:

Phase 1: modularising the fast recovery part in ns-3, its testing and

Phase 2: adding PRR to the TCP module and addressing reviews related to
Phase 1.

Phase 3: Test the PRR implementation, add examples and documentation.
Address reviews related to Phase 2 and make the code ready for merge.

Please let me know if this looks a feasible plan.

I believe working on PRR in GSoC 2017 would be a great opportunity for me
to gain a better understanding over the topic and contribute to ns-3.

Thanks and Regards,
Viyom Mittal