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[GSoC notes] Universities as mentors

Natale Patriciello

The organizer started by asking if the people there foresee any problem
with having universities as GSoC mentors.

One attendee commented that if the university release early the code,
then others can exploit it before the owner
In university, another problem is that the quality of the code is not
the best one, it is not re-usable.

The organized then asked how can a university start being a mentor. The
answers were that first, it needs to have an open-source project, and
then that having mentors from different part of the world is a plus (not
only insider of the same company/university). Google does not like that
many research projects will ultimately be released in an open-source
environment at the end of their "life". They consider this "closed"
enough to not apply for the open source category. Open should be open
from day 1.

Then, it's hard to convince google and students that you are a  good
candidate. I shared my view on how GSoC can be used to make the product
more usable (there were other experiences as well) and showcased
Tommaso's project.


My comments:

I do not see how this would apply as ns-3 as a project, but since many
of us work for universities, I though it was a good thing to follow and
to share.