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Tom Henderson-2
Here is some more information to prospective student applicants.
Beginning on Monday March 20, through Monday April 3, you will have an
opportunity to submit proposals to Google (proposals must be submitted
through their system).  We recommend that you get started on this early;
you will have the ability to update and improve the content of your
application until the cutoff time.

ns-3 mentors (listed on the project ideas page) will have the ability to
access student proposals, review, and provide feedback during this time
window.   Applicants are also free to upload their application close to
the deadline, but may not be able to obtain any feedback in such a case.

Our project requests that you provide some background information and
then information about your project.  We have a suggested template to
follow in your application, posted here:

We also have what is called a 'patch requirement' which is asking
applicants to demonstrate some knowledge about how to code with ns-3.  
There are a few ways to satisfy this requirement.  If you have already
submitted code to ns-3 (a patch or a codereview), you just need to
remind us of this in your application.  You could also consider to patch
an open issue in our tracker, or to complete a coding exercise that we
have defined.  The details are provided here: If you elect to do
the program exercise, please do not share or publish your solution
outside of your application.

Someone asked whether we know how many program slots we will have.  We
won't know this until after the application deadline; slots are handed
out by Google at a later date.  In past years, we have had between two
and four slots.

- Tom