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Manoj Rana
Hi ns-3 team,

First, I congratulate the ns-3 team for being selected in GSoC after being
missed out in 2016. I am a PhD student and requires some suggestion now.
I have implemented and published a paper on MIPv6 and HMIPv6 implementation
(Attached below) in the journal of Simulation Modeling and Practice Theory
this year.
In DCE, there is a chance of MIPv6 model but DCE always brings enough
complexity when anybody try to extend it as it involves Linux kernel stack.
So, MIPv6, HMIPv6 and other IP mobility protocols would be helpful for
researchers using ns-3 stack. I have already the code but, it requires some
testing and examples to follow.
So, considering my ability, could you please suggest me for a project idea
for GSoC. This may be: direct MIPv6 and related protocol implementation, as
I have already the code, the time it will take is for finalization only.
Otherwise, handover from LTE to WiFi is a hot topics now and integration of
MIPv6 into LTE-WiFi scenario may be a good proposal.
So, if you are interested to mentor this type of project, please suggest me

Thanking You.

With regards,
Manoj Kumar Rana
PhD Scholar
School of Mobile Computing and Communication
Jadavpur University

1-s2.0-S1569190X16302714-main_2.pdf (3M) Download Attachment