GSoC 2020 NetDevice Up/Down Consistency Updates

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GSoC 2020 NetDevice Up/Down Consistency Updates

Anantha krishnan saji
Hello all,

Last week, after having discussions with mentors, I revised the proposal of
implementing NetDevice behavior. Details can be found in the Zulip
I made some changes to the NetDeviceState class. The idea is to inherit
from NetDeviceState class so that each NetDevice can have its own class
with its own operational states according to its needs.

This week, I will try to implement a child class for CsmaNetDevice as
CsmaNetDevice has functions to detach from the channel. Doing so will
enable us to test the architecture and identify any kind of tweaking that
will be needed for the proper working of the architecture. The main goal is
to come up with operational states for CsmaNetDevice and addressing issues
that can come up when this architecture is introduced.

Ananthakrishnan S