GSoC 2020 AQMs weekly update and Phase 1 Review Request

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GSoC 2020 AQMs weekly update and Phase 1 Review Request

Bhaskar Kataria
Hello everyone,

Week 4 Progress report
1) Added 3 scenarios for FqCoDel Queue Disc L4S mode examples using AQM
Evaluation Suite [1]
    The 3 Scenarios are:

   - Traditional ECN
   - DCTCP without L4S mode
   - DCTCP and BIC flows with L4S mode

   Work done for AQM-Evaluation-Suite includes:

   - Implementing Queue Delay Per Flow model which now provides queue delay
   per-flow graphs.
   - Implementing ECN with the help of existing pull request
   - Removed usage of Timestamp tag

Implementation can be found at the GitLab repository [2]
Work on the refinement of examples is in progress.
2) Added documentation to the FqCoDel section which includes possible next
steps available at GitLab repository [3]

Phase 1 review request
With the work done in week 4, I have completed the deliverables planned for
the Phase-1 of the GSoC project.

Summary of Work Done in Phase 1
1) Implemented L4S mode and added documentation for FqCoDel and submitted
the work to be reviewed by the mentors [3]

2) Generated merge request for resolution of CoDel queue disc marking the
packet twice problem which also includes tests for the implementation.
Details can be found at the GitLab merge request [3]

3) Added examples for FqCoDel L4S mode mentioned above

Details can be found on the wiki [4]

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Bhaskar Kataria