GSoC 2020 AQMs update

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GSoC 2020 AQMs update

Bhaskar Kataria
Hello everyone,

Summary of work done until week 3:
1) Implemented L4S mode for FqCoDel and submitted the work to be reviewed
by the mentors [1]
2) Generated merge request [2] to change the behavior of mark, which after
certain suggestions and comments needs to be revised. Proposed
implementation will be submitted in a day or two and will be implemented
this week.

Work for this week includes
1) An example, based on the AQM Evaluation Suite [3], showing the operation
of  L4S mode in FqCoDel under a mix of L4S and non-L4S flows
2) Sphinx documentation extensions to the FqCoDel section

The decision of work regarding the next phase of the project is under
discussion among the mentors and CodelAF
maybe considered if the draft will still be pursued. Other possible topics
for phase 2 are available at the wiki page [4]

If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know

Bhaskar Kataria