GSoC 2017 : Introduction regarding PackMime-HTTP

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GSoC 2017 : Introduction regarding PackMime-HTTP

Sourabh jain
Hello everyone,

I am Sourabh Jain, Masters student at National Institute of Technology
Karnataka. I have been working on ns-3 from past few months and submitted
the patch for an AQM algorithm, Feng’s Adaptive RED.

I have worked with other open source projects like QEMU (Quick Emulator)
and implemented the latest instructions added in POWER-PC version 3.0. I
also worked on a project that extends the capability of QEMU to interpret
the instructions having Expanded Opcode.

I am interested to apply for the GSoC project idea “ns-2 ports to ns-3”. I
found an interesting utility, PackMime-HTTP traffic generator which is
there in ns-2 but not in ns-3.

PackMime-HTTP traffic generator was first ever connection based HTTP
traffic generator. I have gone through the literature [1] and the ns-2
implementation of PackMIME-HTTP. As far as I know, there is no traffic
generator currently available in ns-3-dev, but there is a traffic generator
3GPP which is under review.

In my opinion, the utility of PackMime-HTTP if different from 3PGG in the
context that it is a connection based traffic generator. The connection
based traffic generator has capability that they can express the traffic as
collection of independent TCP connections. PackMime-HTTP traffic generator
injects synthetic traffic into network according to a model of how some
application or class of users behave. This makes PackMime-HTTP traffic
generators powerful and ready for the future amendments to implement and
simulate different protocols. PackMime generates more realistic synthetic
traffic when it merges with Delay box. Delay Box gives capability to have
more random behavior in packet delay and drops in network traffic.

Following is my tentative plan for the project:

Phase 1: Implementation of PackMime-HTTP traffic generator.

               - Identification of list of variables that define a flow.

               - Implementation of server application.

    - Implementation of client application.

Phase 2: Delay box implementation and address the reviews of Phase 1

Phase 3: Testing of PackMIME-HTTP and Delay box modules, documentation and
designing sample examples, addressing the review comments of Phase 2 and
plan to merge the code in ns-3-dev.

Please let me know your suggestions. It would help me improve my plan of


Sourabh Jain

[1] Cao, Jin, et al. "Stochastic models for generating synthetic HTTP
source traffic." INFOCOM 2004. Twenty-third Annual Joint Conference of the
IEEE Computer and Communications Societies. Vol. 3. IEEE, 2004.