Changing node configurations for wireless networks.

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Changing node configurations for wireless networks.

Mohammad Zubair Ahmad

Hi everyone,

Could anyone help me out in adding an additional characteristic while
configuring the node with its various characteristics like routing protocol
etc. I need to add an additional parameter into the node configuration (as
shown below) and need to know how to make the changes in c++. Or atleast
could anyone enlighten me as to which files are handling the current node

What i need to actually do is:

\$ns_ node-config -addressType hierarchical
                   -adhocRouting AODV
                   -llType LL
                   -macType Mac/802_11 \bs

                   -ifqType Queue/DropTail/PriQueue
                   -ifqLen 50
                   -antType Antenna/OmniAntenna
                   -propType Propagation/TwoRayGround
                   -phyType Phy/WirelessPhy

                   -topologyInstance \$topo
                   -channel Channel/WirelessChannel
                   -agentTrace ON
                   -routerTrace ON
                   -macTrace OFF

                   -movementTrace OFF
                   -myParameter myValue
     // Need to add this to each node I configure

I have found through the mailing list archives different techniques as to
configure different nodes differently - for example a few nodes with AODV as
rp or DSR etc .. or something similar. I want to add another parameter to
the node configuration to ultimately declare nodes with both my
configuration and some with the standard configuration. Any help in this
regard will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

PS: I apologize if multiple copies are posted .. my connection started
acting up at the wrong time. :) Thanks ..

Mohammad Zubair Ahmad
PhD Student, Computer Engineering
University of Central Florida,
Orlando, FL 32826