Call for Posters/Demos/WIPs: 2017 Workshop on ns-3

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Call for Posters/Demos/WIPs: 2017 Workshop on ns-3

Eric Gamess
WNS3 invites your participation in the workshop with a poster presentation,
a demo presentation, and/or a short talk about work-in-progress. Contingent
on the number of submissions we receive for this call, we are planning to
organize this session in addition to the regular paper track.

Our goal is to create more opportunities for discussion in the workshop.
The scope for this call is similar to that of the CFP for the papers track
– topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - new models, devices, protocols and applications for ns-3
   - using ns-3 in modern networking research
   - comparison with other network simulators and emulators
   - speed and scalability issues for ns-3
   - multiprocessor and distributed simulation with ns-3, including the use
   of GPUs
   - validation of ns-3 models
   - credibility and reproducibility issues for ns-3 simulations
   - user experience issues of ns-3
   - frameworks for the definition and automation of ns-3 simulations
   - post-processing, visualisation and statistical analysis tools for ns-3
   - models ported from other simulators to ns-3 and models ported from
   ns-3 to other simulation environments
   - using real code for simulation with ns-3 and using ns-3 code in
   network applications
   - integration of ns-3 with testbeds, emulators, and other simulators or
   - using ns-3 API from programming languages other than C++ or Python
   - porting ns-3 to unsupported platforms
   - network emulation with ns-3
   - using ns-3 in education and teaching

Submission Instructions

To propose a demonstration, poster, or work-in-progress presentation,
authors should submit a one or two-page extended abstract in PDF
format via *EMAIL
to the Technical Program Co-Chairs listed below*. In the same email,
authors should should provide information about any equipment they might
request for a demonstration and whether any special arrangements will be
needed.  Use the ACM “*SigConf*” proceedings format (
<>).  The extended
abstract should include the basic idea, the scope, and significance of the

Please be as specific as possible in describing what you will demonstrate.
Also, if you propose a presentation, include an estimation of time needed
for your presentation.

Please include an estimate of the space, and setup time needed for your

Accepted work-in-progress, poster and demo abstracts will be published on
the ns-3 web site but will not be published in digital libraries. At least
one author of each accepted poster/demo/WIP must register and present at
the workshop. Each accepted poster will have a corresponding short
presentation to the plenary to introduce a conversation that can be
continued in the poster session.

Technical program chairs will provide a rolling review process; early
submitters will receive an acceptance decision before the final
notification deadline listed below.

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Eric Gamess ([hidden email])
Brian Swenson ([hidden email])

Important Dates

Demo, poster, work-in-progress deadline : Sunday April 2, 2017
Notification of acceptance: Sunday April 9, 2017
Workshop date : June 13-14, 2017