CBR application and advanced functionality for OnOffApplication

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CBR application and advanced functionality for OnOffApplication

Lauri Sormunen
Hi All,

We at Magister are continuing our contributions to applications module with
a new CBR (constant bit-rate) application and advanced functionality for

The idea of CBR application is to provide a simple manner of handling
constant bit rate by configuring constant packet sending interval and
packet size. CBR application is basically similar to old OnOffApplication,
without OnTime and OffTime. The OnOffApplication has been extended with
"advanced" mode, which enables taking the packet sizes and packet intervals
from random variable streams. Default functionality of OnOffApplication is
left untouched, and it should not affect configuration of any existing
example having OnOffapplications. For instance, the OnOffHelper is left
completely untouched. However, due to initialization of new random variable
streams two tests (defined by traffic-control/examples/red-vs-ared) are
affected - please see the code review description for more details.

The patch set includes a couple of simple examples, and a CBR test and a
CBR helper. TrafficTimeTag class has been added to stats module, but it is
also included in our previous applications module reviews.

We'd like to submit it to be included into ns-3 main branch. The
changes can be found in


  Lauri and Jani

Lauri Sormunen
Magister Solutions Ltd.
+358 40 8244652
[hidden email]