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3GPP based HTTP model

Jani Puttonen
Hi All,

We in Magister have implemented a model for generating web browsing
traffic. The design idea comes from some 3GPP, 3GPP2, NGMN, and WiMAX
specifications. We'd like to submit it to be included into ns-3 main branch.

The main classes of the model are `ThreeGppHttpClient` (representing a
web browser)
and `ThreeGppHttpServer` (representing a web server). The traffic between these
applications is conversational: each request sent by the client is matched
by a response by the server. A single web page consists of a main object
(HTML page) and several embedded objects (e.g., an image).

The traffic characteristics are randomized in many aspects, such as the
size of main/embedded objects, the number of embedded objects in web pages,
the time spent by users to read their web pages, and so on. The parameters
of the corresponding random number distributions are configurable through

A simple test suite is also included, covering the use of the model in
different simulation parameters, such as using a channel with short
and  long delay,
a channel with and without error, IPv4 and IPv6, etc.

The changes are relatively small and can be found in

https://codereview.appspot.com/314810043/ .

Note, that the code code is a slightly upgraded version of the Http
model announced by Budiarto Herman already about 1.5 years ago, but
was never completed:

<https://codereview.appspot.com/233780043/.> .

  Jani Puttonen

Jani Puttonen
Principal Scientist
Magister Solutions Ltd.
+358 44 5640814
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